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Bonpoint에서 우리는 우리의 이야기가 40 년 넘게 행복에 의해 형성되었다고 생각합니다. 이 행복은 완벽하게 드리워지는 조각의 섬세한 바느질, 또는 눈을 사로 잡는 장난스러운 손 자수에 있습니다. 사소한 것이 아니라 이 행복은 모든 것을 변화시킵니다.

With fancy designs sprinkled with light touches and essential details, Bonpoint styling turns happiness into an everyday lifestyle.

Bonpoint is also symbolized by its two iconic little cherries. Charming and instantly recognizable, they evoke the origins of this fashion house. Legend has it that all the family secrets were whispered at La Cerisaie, the founders' family home set amongst the cherry trees in Aix en Provence.

1975 : Marie-France and Bernard Cohen open the first Bonpoint at 67 Rue de l'Université in Paris.

1986 : Marie-France Cohen's sister, Annick Goutal, creates Eau de Bonpoint for children.

2005 : Christine Innamorato takes over the reins from Marie-France Cohen, becoming Bonpoint's Artistic Director.

2007 : The EPI group acquires Bonpoint, enabling it to take off internationally. It now operates 120 stores across 30 countries.

2010 : An extremely natural and hypoallergenic range of skincare products is launched after two years of research.

2018 : the Bristol hotel in Paris introduces Bonpoint products at its spa, inaugurating exclusive treatments designed especially for the well-being of parents and children. At the end of this year, Bonpoint moves its head office from the Rive Gauche to Avenue d'Iéna, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. This means that the head office, design studio and workshop are all now housed under the same roof for the first time, in an exquisite townhouse that combines tradition with modernity.

2019 : Anne-Valérie Hash is appointed Bonpoint's Artistic Director