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Elegance, romanticism, luxury, humor and subtlety are the hallmarks of this Parisian fashion house. It offers unique expertise that combines creativity with modernity, a choice of materials and colors, strict proportions and immaculate finishes. With its team of stylists, designers and a Parisian workshop, the Bonpoint spirit is passed down from season to season and generation to generation.


The design studio lives and breathes the Bonpoint spirit of the present and the future. Working within the fashion house itself, the workshop designers, needle workers and embroiderers created Bonpoint's excellent reputation.

With their unrivalled technical expertise, they create endless designs in a decidedly contemporary style. Using six stitches per centimeter rather than the usual five, hand-stitched taped edging, invisible hems and rolled edges, they maintain all the exacting standards of high quality craftsmanship.


A Bonpoint garment is instantly recognizable, not just for its appearance, but also for the multitude of subtle details that constantly push the boundaries of refinement. With British inspiration, the smocking technique gives the famous Bonpoint dresses and blouses a timelessly graceful look.
Smocking is an embroidery technique applied to the top of the pleat exclusively by hand and requires a particularly high level of precision.


Emblematic of the brand, Eau de Bonpoint is the result of a family story; it was created in 1986 by Annick Goutal for her sister, Marie-France Cohen, the founder of Bonpoint. Unique and refined, Bonpoint perfumes are a fusion of the very finest natural essences of bitter orange, orange blossom water and citrus oil.

A subtle formula using ingredients which have been grown, extracted and developed within the Grasse region – the cradle of French perfumery – right from the start. These ingredients are then blended with organic alcohol to create the most intense version of the fragrance.